Hilary Pennington-Mellor


Hilary Pennington-Mellor bringing a wealth of experience and broad ranging skills.

Hilary advises on all aspects of family law, guiding clients to the best outcomes. When representing clients in separation, divorce and related matters, Hilary can advise on financial settlement agreements as well as child related matters.  

Whilst maintaining focus on specific matters to be resolved, Hilary is careful to consider the collateral consequences of separation and agreements reached, and the need to look at the bigger picture in respect of each individual’s life choices and ambitions, when making final decisions. Where appropriate, and to avoid the court arena, she advocates alternative methods of dispute resolution, including Mediation, Round Table Meetings and private FDRs. Hilary is also a qualified FMA Family Mediator.

Hilary has extensive experience of advising high net worth individuals, and those with media exposure, in their divorce, annulment and related family issues, including negotiation of complex financial settlements.  Her work frequently involves clients from other jurisdictions, and non-domiciled UK residents.  

As well as advising clients at the end of a relationship, she undertakes negotiation and advice in relation to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, advising parties, their wider family, trustees, and considering the interests of the parties’ respective investments and fellow investors looking for suitable agreement. Hilary works with lawyers and other professionals in Europe and worldwide, matching skills and expertise with the needs of the clients.

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  • Guiding vulnerable adults through testing situations, to enhance understanding and decision making
  • Negotiating difficult financial settlements.
  • Advising on matters where third party interests need to be engaged
  • Asset tracing worldwide
  • International Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Contested Children Act applications
  • Contested applications for leave to remove children from the jurisdiction
  • Acting against narcissistic and borderline personality types in children and financial proceedings
  • Complex financial settlements (including those involving international assets and taxation issues)
  • Jurisdictional disputes
financial settlements
  • Financial settlements guiding clients through complex arrangements where one party challenges a postnuptial settlement
  • Complex cases involving contest between domestic families in overseas jurisdiction, with significant interests in England and Europe
  • Arranging financial settlement for wealthy families where investments mature after separation
  • Intervening proceedings where adverse claims to family property are asserted
  • Complex children arrangements involving abduction, overseas parents, immigration issues, abduction risk, the death of a natural parent, and parental responsibility
  • Advising party of the ability of marriage in Pakistan
  • Securing arrangements for a father to see children living in Germany
  • Arranging financial settlement where one party lives in Europe and another in England, and assets overseas
  • Ensuring that proceedings take place in the appropriate jurisdiction following international relocation
  • Enforcing pension sharing of US complex financial structures
  • Securing shared lived with orders in the face of opposition by the mother, and allegations of violence