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People going through divorce need clarity. They need clarity of process, options and outcome. They need to be at the centre of their case, advised and assisted by solicitors who listen. They need to understand the likely fees and the impact their choices make on those fees. We want to put the client back in control of their life and that starts with controlling the transformative process of divorce.

For those with less confidence, we will guide, protect and nurture. We will build and empower. For those more used to dealing with lawyers we will listen, advise and take action.

AFP Bloom LLP is determined to bring a fresh approach to clients seeking advice in relation to their separation or divorce. We are proud to have successfully developed a practice away from established and traditional firms. That freedom has enabled us to appraise the needs of clients without the burden of custom and conformality and we strive to meet those needs. We want to give clients a better experience.

We will answer questions, listen and be honest about costs.
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what we do


We take care of the entire process of divorce for you taking you through the administrative steps to a final decree absolute, meaning your marriage is over.

financial remedy

Settlements can be complicated. We have the experience to handle any situation and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

children act proceedings

We will help you achieve the most suitable arrangements for your children.

international proceedings

We have dedicated specialists with over a decade’s experience specialising in international matters including the relocation of children and complex jurisdictional disputes.

pre/post nuptials

We draft and negotiate pre and post nuptial agreements.

protective measures

If you are experiencing threatening behaviour, we will take steps to protect you.

mediation/arbitration and other adr

We are committed to achieving resolutions and we will use all potential processes and options to secure that for you.

how we work

We are specialists not only in the area of family law, but in our chosen aspects of family law. We believe this gives our clients the best advice for the minimum cost. If a solicitor has spent a decade working a mixed practice, they have only half the experience of a solicitor who has done one thing for that same decade. All of our solicitors are specialists.

We work with other specialists – notably divorce consultants, accountants, valuers and therapists. We form a team of specialists focussed on providing the client with a composite strategy.

We are not afraid or threatened by engaging barristers and where necessary we meet with barristers early and often. This ensures active participation and ‘buy in’ to each case. A few hours spent at the start will create parameters for case building and settlement. It will perfect and focus presentation to achieve the best outcome for our clients.


Our lawyers are recommended for family law in Chambers & Partners (High Net Worth), Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500 and Spears 500. Read what the directories, professionals and our former clients have to say.