Some to-dos when separating

february 14, 2023

POSTED BY: Kelly Giambrone

At a time when everything may seem like it is losing control, all you probably want is for someone to tell you what to do. You already know you should be doing research, finding your tribe of experts, and getting financially organised (or in the know), but what about those smaller “to-do’s” that you can do to help your position? The following practical steps are quick and easy tasks you can undertake to make the process easier for you… and perhaps give you a small sense of accomplishment at time when needed.

  • Make sure your communications are secure. Log out of your email and WhatsApp on the shared iPad or computer, change your pins and passwords and, if necessary, set up a new email account.
  • Make sure you have access to a laptop or computer. Trying to approve a witness statement or review your partner’s financial disclosure on a phone will surely drive anyone mad.
  • Get a diary and use it to record information you think your solicitors might want to know … important events (past and current), details of assets and ownership, abusive behaviour.
  • Check the position of your Will. You may need to put in place a holding Will to remove your partner as your executor or ensure your estate doesn’t pass to them.
  • Consider how you are going to meet future legal fees. Be cautious about informally borrowing funds from family which are usually seen as the softest of debts. You should explore other forms of borrowing such as credit cards, litigation loans or even borrowing from friends.  
  • If you don’t have one, get a hobby. Even a good separation takes time to resolve so make sure to respect your own happiness and wellbeing in the meantime.  

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