March 10, 2023

POSTED BY: nicole derham

If you are instructing a solicitor for the first time, especially in a family law matter, it can be overwhelming.  There is so much information to take in and it is also difficult to understand what work you will be charged for during the process. In the legal practice, time really is money. If you can save time you can save costs.  

Here are three simple tips to help you save time:

  • 1. Organise your documents

    Get yourself organised.  If you are sending documents to your solicitor, organise your attachments. Put an accurate reference in the subject line and rename your attachments to what they are. Then create a checklist in the email. This will act as a good reference tool for you and your solicitor and it will reduce the time your solicitor spends working through your emails and documents. 
  • 2. Reduce multiple calls and emails

    You will have a lot of questions which you may feel that you want answered straight away. Try to resist this. Spend some time listing out your questions and considering what you really need advice from your solicitor on. Attempt to send one comprehensive email to your solicitor and/or organise a call with them for a fixed period of time to run through your questions. This will reduce the back and forth with your solicitor which will only increase your costs.
  • 3. Build a team

    Solicitors are not experts in everything.  At the beginning of your matter it is important to build your team. A good family law solicitor will direct you to the expert advice that may be required in your case, whether that is from a financial advisor, a divorce coach or a therapist.  It may feel like an additional or unnecessary expense but introducing experts early can help to reduce the time you use your solicitor for and this will save you costs in the long run.

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