Leavers gotta leave

MARCH 7, 2024

POSTED BY: Zoë Bloom

The changes to the taxation of non UK domiciled individuals (“non doms”) announced by the Spring Budget 2024 will have a huge impact on international families living in the UK, with some commentators saying that the latest reforms have added urgency to wealthy residents looking to leave the UK. There are issues, as ever with dramatic announcements, as to timing and implementation and whether the changes will come into effect given the likely timing of the next general election. In the meantime, we can only assume that the current non domiciled regime will be abolished by the changes announced, or those to come. This will almost certainly result in more families leaving the UK.

Given the reputation for England to be ‘the divorce capital of the world’ it may well the right moment for people to take stock of their family circumstances and consider whether there are steps they need to be taking today, to protect them in the event of a divorce in the future.