JUNE 13, 2022


Gordian’s knot: described as a metaphor for an intractable problem eventually solved by the ability to "think outside the box" to achieve success.

Family law is a twisted coil of love, family, power, expectation, disappointment and money. It is the Sopranos and the Windsors and the Roys and the Simpsons. Held firm within that knot, are the people. Clients. Their release is the purpose of the family lawyer but it is considerably harder to get them out when the litigation itself is complex. There may be multiple parties spread among different jurisdictions. The financial or emotional stakes will inevitably be high. The facts will be in dispute and the law will be thorny. There will be moments where the knot seems too, well, knotty. Each loop that is tugged tightens the central hold. Every frayed edge disintegrates to nothing.

Specialist and creative family lawyers disentangle the knot using layers of experience gained over time. They have tried things that have worked and things that have not worked. They have pushed and pulled and eased and sometimes used brute force to untangle the knots of human entwinement.  

If a family is enmeshed within Gordian’s knot then they need help from solicitors who ‘think outside the box’ and are determined to release them so they can move forwards with the rest of their lives.