Shortlisted by Chambers High Net Worth: Emerging Firm

MAY 19, 2022


BloomBudd LLP have been shortlisted for an award by Chambers High Net Worth in their Emerging Firm category. We couldn’t be more thrilled (or surprised!).

BloomBudd LLP is completely committed to redefining the high net worth family law experience. Developing our experience in the client focussed consultancy model, and importantly, having built the practice away from the traditional firms and the personalities that come with them, BloomBudd LLP is confident in challenging the high net worth family law world. Recognition from this centrally important directory is incredible and we are utterly delighted to have achieved it since our launch in January.

BloomBudd LLP brings the following to this very niche part of the legal world:

• Experience – solicitors are specialists in their areas, giving them deeper experience as those who work across various aspects of family work.

• Genuine teams of experts – a commitment to ensuring the right expert is introduced early (and usually to the detriment of BloomBudd solicitor fees) to ensure strategy can be delivered from the outset. We are not afraid to say someone else does that part of the job better than us.

• Value for money – we do not charge for learning time and our solicitors do not have billing targets so are not incentivised to bill unnecessary work. This enables the affordable instruction of high end experts (e.g. accountants/valuers/social workers).

• Straight talking advice and strategic direction.

A genuine thank you to Chambers for this. It means a great deal.