Children are the most important part of any family and providing for their future stability is vital. Difficulties can arise for a range of reasons, including challenging personalities, international families and complex and specialist needs. The children may need urgent intervention or protective measures. These are the cases in which the children team at AFP Bloom excel. They are solely focussed on complicated cases with unusual facts and particular needs and have the tools to guide families through the options to ensure the right outcome for the children.

Where appropriate, they will recommend mediators (for the parents or child inclusive for older children), therapists (for either their children or for family-based therapy), or other professionals who work with families. Where necessary, they will formalise any agreement reached.

The children team regularly advises on:-

1. Where children will live and how much time they spend with each parent after separation predominantly involving complex scenarios where experts are required such as psychologists, psychiatrists, independent social workers or where children require their own representation;

Circumstances where injunction proceedings are joined to the children proceedings;

3. Applications to relocate with children abroad;

4. Urgent and more general specific issues such as disputes related to education, heath or travel;

5. Alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration).